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Brachial Pump Truck
  • Boom Pump Truck

    Boom Pump Truck

    Boom pump truck Safety precautions for operation and application Concrete pump trucks can only be used for the conveyance of concrete, any other purpose (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous. The height and distance of concrete to be pumped by the arm rest of the 2...

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  • 30 M Arm Pump Truck

    30 M Arm Pump Truck

    30 m arm pump truck Chassis and power system: XXXX heavy-lifting chassis is adopted with strong bearing capacity, good dynamic performance and low fuel consumption; Pump delivery hydraulic system: the hydraulic system with full hydraulic control and oil pressure transmission...

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  • 32 M Arm Pump Truck

    32 M Arm Pump Truck

    32 m arm pump truck What is the difference between a whipping truck and a whipping truck For the friends who have just come into contact with the truck pump and the truck pump, there must be a lot of confusion. The truck pump and the truck pump are just a few words different....

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  • 36 M Arm Pump Truck

    36 M Arm Pump Truck

    36 m arm pump truck36 Due to its own characteristics, the pump car often works with concrete, and over time, the body can be replaced by concrete with quick ice cleaning. Many problems may occur if the pump car is not cleaned in time. The following jining xingbang...

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  • 38 M Arm Pump Truck

    38 M Arm Pump Truck

    38 m arm pump truck Talk about the bucket seal of arm pump truck today As anyone who has used a pump cart knows, the special lithium grease, commonly known as butter, is caused by the special structure of the hopper. In order to ensure that the shaft is not invaded by...

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  • 42 M Arm Pump Truck

    42 M Arm Pump Truck

    42 m arm pump truck Pump boom too fast how to slow down The pump driver can adjust the throttle screw on the multi-way valve to adjust the flow rate of the valve, so as to adjust the speed of the arm frame. Do not suggest oneself adjust relevant button however. A machine that...

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