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  • 30 M Concrete Pump Truck

    30 M Concrete Pump Truck

    30 m concrete pump truck Star state days heavy industry independent research and development of 30 m small concrete pump pump truck, form a complete set of 55 forced mixer, form the mobile station, mobile convenience, cloth convenient and high efficiency, high cost...

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  • 32 M Concrete Pump Truck

    32 M Concrete Pump Truck

    Product details
    The application of diesel-electric power is more extensive
    Fuel consumption is 30% lower than that of peers
    Widely used in building, bridge and other fields construction
    Unique selling point of 32 m concrete pump truck
    1. Adopt diesel...

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  • 36 M Concrete Pump Truck

    36 M Concrete Pump Truck

    36 m concrete pump truck We follow the quality policy: "product excellence is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, quality service is our commitment." To this end, we make the following commitments: I. free maintenance plan and term

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  • 38 M Concrete Pump Truck

    38 M Concrete Pump Truck

    38m concrete pump truck38 Why do you want to buy our product? Here are five reasons why! Advantage 01: good dynamic performance The special engines such as yuchai and weichai are used, and the advantages of low speed and high torque are obvious. The vehicle passed the...

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  • 42 M Concrete Pump Truck

    42 M Concrete Pump Truck

    42 m concrete pump truck
    What are the requirements for laying the pumping pipe for small pump trucks?
    (1) the horizontal pump pipeline should be laid directly.
    (2) the vertical pumping pipe shall not be directly installed with horizontal pipe attached to the pump...

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  • Small Concrete Pump Truck

    Small Concrete Pump Truck

    Small concrete pump truck Small concrete pump truck is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction workers, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction. During operation, the clutch action of the small pump truck is critical. So what is the role of...

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  • Small Cement Pump Truck

    Small Cement Pump Truck

    Small cement pump truck The mini cement pump truck is a machine which USES the pressure to carry the concrete along the pipeline continuously. The pump body is mainly composed of pump body and conveying pipe. The pump body is installed on the chassis of the car, and then...

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  • Small Hydraulic Pump Truck

    Small Hydraulic Pump Truck

    Small hydraulic pump truck Full Hydraulic Control System Fast fault location, saving time more than 50% in fault detection. Electric Control System Intelligent Electric Control System, simple structure, reducing electric faults. SAFETY Hydraulic Oil Level Auto-Detection and...

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  • Small Boom Pump Truck

    Small Boom Pump Truck

    Small boom pump truck The actual vertical height of pumped concrete can reach XX meters and the horizontal distance is XXX meters. Mixing and conveying can actually pump XXX cubic per hour. The construction efficiency is greatly improved, the construction process is...

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  • Small Pump Car

    Small Pump Car

    Display the pump details XXX imported components are more practical/more reliable/more efficient/easier/more durable/more energy saving, low maintenance cost, fully mechanized, lower fuel consumption and higher cost performance! NO1 Boom system Adopt high strength imported...

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  • Concrete Arm Pump Truck

    Concrete Arm Pump Truck

    Concrete arm pump truck Three major systemsConcrete arm pump truck The pumping system Brand conveyor cylinder The cylinder diameter in MM No leakage at each pressure test Electric control system controller Ac contactor Lubrication system The lubrication system USES MM copper...

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  • Boom Pump Truck

    Boom Pump Truck

    Boom pump truck Safety precautions for operation and application Concrete pump trucks can only be used for the conveyance of concrete, any other purpose (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous. The height and distance of concrete to be pumped by the arm rest of the 2...

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